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Immerse yourself in a wonderland of mystery and adventure at this pop-up experience near SoMa. You’ll create magic “cocktails”, solve riddles, and dive into theatrical fun. Afterwards, you’ll grab some of the best Roman-style food in the city at a hole-in-the-wall down the way. 🍕

The Alice - An Immersive Pop-Up Experience 1123 Folsom St, San Francisco, CA 94103

The Alice is an immersive adventure hidden in the Trademark Bar on Folsom Street. Brought to you by the interactive team who created the Wizard’s Den, Beyond Cinema, and the Art of Murder, this theatrical, alternate reality experience takes you through the “rabbit hole”.

It’s a pop-up experience, not Shakespeare or Michelin star. It takes an open-minded personality to really appreciate what the cast is doing. They’re essentially acting out an interactive tea party from Alice in Wonderland with three actors playing characters from the novel.


Image by @thealicecocktailexperience on Instagram

There’s crude humor, sweet alcoholic drinks, and games that will get you up and moving to solve riddles with your friends. You’ll need to purchase your tickets in advance because they sell out quickly - especially on the weekends. They’ll set you back $47. They’re non-refundable but you can transfer the ticket, with a small penalty fee outlined below:

  • 7 days + $10pp
  • <48 hours + $15pp
  • <24 hours + $20pp

You can learn all about the experience and more at this link.


Image by @thealicecocktailexperience on Instagram

Montesacro Pinseria Romana 510 Stevenson St, San Francisco, CA 94103

Montesacro Pinseria, a not-so-often recognized but nevertheless delightful Roman Pinseria Romana in the vibrant mid-market neighborhood. This was the first Roman Pinseria Romana to open in the United States, meaning it’s a reinterpretation of ancient Roman recipes, some of the best Roman-style pizza you can get in the Bay.

The interior is cozy and can be a bit noisy but in the best way. They draw inspiration from the classic “Frechette” of Lazio, old taverns where the regional wine is poured straight from the barrel, and patrons sit on wooden benches along with long tables. There’s also the rooftop of Dottie’s next door, with distributed tables, plastic walls, heaters, and nice lighting.


Image by @miss.hautemess on Instagram

The menu changes slightly as the seasons shift. Kevin suggests trying at least one of the seasonal starters, like the asparagus salad or the Cavolfiori, a roasted cauliflower dish, served cold. For your main course, the classic Margaritas and Carpaccio de Bresaola are delightful. All in all, you can’t go wrong with whatever you order from Montesacro Pinseria.


_Image by @montesacrosf on Instagram _

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