A planning assistant for a wise life.

Wise helps you make plans and find new experiences near you.

Go do more.

Make the perfect plan without breaking a sweat.


A stack of experiences to plan now or save for later.


Find shared availability and plan with people that matter.


Show Up
invites are accepted, your plan goes from wishful thinking to simple doing.

Plan and schedule smarter

Wise is a planning assistant that helps you schedule time and organize plans with the people in your life.

Discover curated experiences

Wise helps you find events and plan better experiences based on your interests and tastes.

The Future of Planning

Imagine a world where you’re always ahead and you never miss out.

Imagine an assistant working full time to schedule you and your friends in the activities that mean the most to you.

Imagine AI and automation taking care of scheduling, setting reservations, and securing transportation. You swipe right, then you show up. If only everything were that easy!