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Frequently Asked Questions about Old Fourth Ward

What are things to do in Old Fourth Ward?

There are so many amazing experiences and things to do in Old Fourth Ward. Groups can plan a trip to the best bars on the Beltline, they can eat and shop at Ponce City Market, or even plan an exciting day at the Historic Fourth Ward Skatepark. The “sky’s the limit” when it comes to making plans in Old Fourth Ward. Seriously… Have you checked out the Skyline Park on the Roof of Ponce City Market? If not, you clearly haven’t checked our list of the Best Things to Do in Old Fourth Ward.

That would be a wise place to start. ;)

Why is it called Old Fourth Ward?

Old Fourth Ward is the historic birthplace of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and is at the center of Atlanta’s rich history. The name itself, “Old Fourth Ward”, comes from an ordinance the City Council adopted, which split Atlanta into five distinct wards. Today, Old Fourth Ward is the last remaining “ward” in Atlanta that keeps this distinction. With its history going all the way back to 1854, Old Fourth Ward is both a historic and a trendy up-and-coming neighborhood of Atlanta.

You can learn more about the history of Old Fourth Ward on the Fourth Ward Alliance website.

Is Old Fourth Ward a safe neighborhood?

Old Fourth Ward is recognized by locals as a fairly safe neighborhood to walk around at night to hop between the restaurants, bars, or shops along the way. Old Fourth Ward is well known for its college students, young professionals, or hipsters working at and visiting the trending cafes, breweries, and bars.

Old Fourth Ward has become safer over the years, as the neighborhood has gentrified and more money has been invested in the community and safety. Years ago Old Fourth Ward was notoriously home for “Murder Kroger”, which has since been renamed to the “Beltline Kroger”.