Plan a fun April Fool's prank

March 31, 2021 Kevin Solorio

The origin of April Fool’s Day is unknown despite being celebrated for centuries. Some stories suggest that April Fool’s originated from a trick played by several monks who boiled eggs and then asked their king if he wanted them fried or boiled. The king responded that “they are both good”, so the monks cooked him both fried and boiled eggs.

For the most part, April Fool’s Day consists of pranks on friends or relatives, but everybody can participate in the pranks. You can trick your coworkers, trick strangers on the street, trick your schoolmates, or trick other schools too. Why not? To make it even easier, some people make videos of their pranks and post them online for all to see.

Here are some ideas for April Fool’s Day pranks to make on your friends this year.

Insect lamp surprise


For this April Fool’s prank, simply cut pieces of paper into the form of insects. Color them black and stick them under a lamp for somebody to find. This works especially well if the person being pranked is particularly scared about insects. Hideout nearby for the prank and try to record it on video so you can capture their scream of horror.

Attach a car horn to a seat


The classic car horn prank never gets old. This one is pretty self-explanatory. Secure the car horn with tape underneath a chair. Make sure to test it out first to ensure the horn is close enough to the chair that the displacement of weight will make the horn scream when your victim is near. You’ll need to hide the horn somehow, such as with a jacket, so your joke is not exposed!

Attach a car horn to a door wall


Another variation of the car horn prank is to attach a car horn behind a door for an unsuspecting victim to walk in on. You’ll want to make sure the angle is correct so that the door properly activates the horn and scares your victim. As with any good prank, you’ll want to hide out nearby or hide a camera to capture the victim on video. You should get a good laugh at their surprise.

Mouse prank


The mouse prank works particularly well when you’re in the office. This might be a bit difficult given COVID-19 and this one is a lot harder to capture on camera. Nonetheless, if you want to prank a family member that works at home with you, they’ll need to have a laser-powered mouse. Simply put some paper and tape to the bottom. They’ll be frustrated and then get a nice laugh when they see the note you leave underneath.

Chewbacca roar contest


The Chewbacca roar contest is another classic. Simply create a sign denouncing a reward for the best voicemail impersonation of Chewbacca. Fill in the number of a friend or foe. You can put whatever end date you’d like and then hang the sign somewhere in a public place for all to see. If you do this for a close friend or family member, you’ll get to see their confused reaction to why they’ve received so many voicemails of people screaming like Chewbacca. They may never put the pieces together but you’ll be chuckling on the inside.

Skittles, M&M’s, and Reese’s Pieces


At your next small group gathering, mix a bowl of skittles, M&Ms, and Reese’s Pieces. These candies are hard to tell apart. Watch as your guests are either pleasantly surprised or drastically confused by the different flavor profiles of the candies. You’ll get a good laugh at the first few guests that scoop a handful of candies but the rest may catch on.

Balloon Room


The balloon room prank takes a bit of planning and is only suited for certain environments. You’ll need to find a door with a big glass window through it. Tape some balloons against the door to give the illusion that the entire room is full. Try to time it when you and your friend is headed towards this place and watch their confusion as they approach the balloon room.

Got any other fun pranks to try? Send them to us at hello@gogetwise.com! We’ll be sending a special surprise to the best pranks we receive and we’ll feature them for years to come.