A Local Agency for Creators

Wise Assistant is an Executive Assistant for creators. We connect creators, businesses, and brands to create premium content. We're here to help with whatever you need, whether that's organizing content, finding brand partners, nurturing your audience, and more!

Creator Services

Learn how we serve you and get started today with our Weekly Creator Challenges below!

Build an audience.

We help you grow your audience on the platforms that you care most about. We feature you across our channels: social, web, and SMS!

Establish partnerships.

We find you the partners you want! We act as your agent to make cold calls and pitch for you - saving you time and building your brand.

Monetize content. 

We help you monetize your expertise - whether that's through premium subscriptions or bookable experiences for your most loyal fans.

Weekly Creator Challenges

Each week we select trending content to feature across our growing network and select the best creators to partner with. There are multiple ways you can get involved!


Featured Itinerary

  • Each week we select 1 premium local itinerary. That itinerary is featured through our premium SMS newsletter.
  • We sponsor the creator for a future itinerary. That means we pay to help you create new content.
  • Itineraries must feature at least two places. We’re looking for unique itineraries involving at least two places: food, outdoors, culture, and more!

Featured Recs

  • Each week we select 3 recs across Food, Outdoors, and Local Attractions. We share the recs on our social media.
  • We partner with the creator to review the next place on their bucket list.
  • The best recs are detailed, specific, and honest. It provides useful info and secret tips. Recs must include two pictures to be featured!