Pour Taproom Atlanta

January 21, 2021 Evan Hill

Beer and wine festival taproom allowing guests to taste a variety of different beverages.

Pour Taproom is a national restaurant and bar chain that takes an innovative approach allowing guests to try upwards of 69 different beers, 8 wines, and 8 craft cocktails on-demand. At Pour Taproom, guests simply open a tab, grab a glass, and then can choose from any of the Taproom selections by dispensing it from the tap themself. Whether you try 1 beverage or all 85, the choice is yours! Guests tap their wristbands on the Pour logo and pay by the ounce for whatever they drink throughout the day. Located off the Atlanta Beltline, the Pour Taproom is perfect for day drinking, private events, or just a group outing with friends or family.


Address: 661 Auburn Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30312

Phone: (404) 835-2228

Cost: $$

We have more Wise insights about the Pour Taproom Atlanta coming soon!