A Wise Way of Life



From sensational news headlines to addictive social media feeds, distractions are everywhere. They’re fighting for our attention, promising instant gratification, but giving us little in return.

At Wise Assistant, we believe it’s time to break free from pointless distractions and live a smarter life. We want to help you live a life where it’s easy to prioritize wellness and spend more time with the people who matter most. Our motto is ‘Less planning, more doing!’


Plan for a brighter future with Wise Assistant.

Between distractions and the work-life grind, planning for the future can feel like a pain. Yet, it’s important that we do not lose sight of our values and what inspires us. A brighter future may be more time with a special someone or it might be filled with experiences that excite us — a craft, an adventure, or an entirely new way of life.

Wherever we are, it’s our intent to better ourselves that keeps us going. If we want to live a long and happy life, we must ask ourselves: What makes us smile? What are we doing when we lose track of time and just start to flow? These are the goals that we need to focus on the most, especially during times of uncertainty and struggle.

We’re on a mission to help you do what matters most.

We’re tired of the days where algorithms make decisions for us behind closed doors. We’re building a suite of planning tools and services to help you live a more purposeful life and actually do more of what matters. We aspire to help you discover and plan more meaningful experiences with the people in your life.

We’re connecting people with the experiences and communities that move everything forward.

Social wellness is at the core of our DNA. Every decision we make is to help you stay happy and focused on your passion, whatever that might be. We’re dedicated to giving you the tools you need to put you back in control of your life.

We’re not just building another product. We’re creating an entirely new lifestyle; one where our plans, relationships, and goals are second to none.

Our vision is to transform communities to be more purpose-driven, proactive, and healthy.

We believe that changing the world starts within our communities; one person and one step at a time.

Wise Assistant is all about planning experiences with the people that matter most. We’ve followed the longest study of adult development ever conducted, which found that the key to true happiness is in the quality of your relationships. For that reason, we’ve always prioritized these principles in the work that we do at Wise Assistant.

Social Wellness


Social wellness is all about the relationships we have and how we interact with the people in our life. Ultimately, social wellness is about building and nurturing healthy relationships that matter to us. By bringing you relevant suggestions and helping you turn them into plans, we help you stay connected to the people you care about. Social wellness can have a profound impact on your life and longevity. We’re making to as easy as possible to get from wishful thinking to time spent together.

Work-Life Balance


Work-life balance is about finding the optimal balance between your personal and professional life. It’s about defining parameters around work, improving productivity, and ultimately achieving a state of flow between work and life. We’re helping you accomplish this by providing you with the tools you need to be more productive when it matters most; plus reminding you to keep your personal life top of mind. Today is the day that you start putting life before work and spend more time doing whatever makes us smile.



Self-care has become increasingly crucial as trends like isolation, anxiety, and depression continue to rise. Self-care is all about prioritizing your mental, emotional, and physical health to minimize anxiety and stress. Although it can sound like a simple concept in theory, it’s often easy to overlook. We believe that self-care should shape how we make decisions and plan the days of our lives. With everything going on in the world, it’s essential to take care of our mind, body, and soul above everything else.

We’re just getting started at Wise Assistant and we’re excited to have you along for the ride. Stay tuned for more!