The group planning struggle

March 4, 2021 Michael Diego

Group planning is really hard. 😰

Even before COVID-19, group planning was always difficult. It can feel like rocket science to figure out the details, like time, place, and the itinerary.

Group chat helps a little but it doesn’t always feel that way. The group can easily get cold or stray off-topic rather than finalizing the plan. You need an engaged planner friend to guide the group through planning or the plans will fall apart. 🦸🏾

More often than not, group planning goes a little something like this:

  1. 💬 The initial group text. It’s Tuesday night and your typical planner (👩🏾) has just sent a text. It’s been months since the group has gotten together and 👩🏾 wants everyone to connect. One-by-one, the group (🧔🏼👱🏾‍♀️👩🏽‍🦱👨🏽‍🦰) review and rejects her proposal (or leaves the group on read). The plan will start to fall apart if 👩🏾 doesn’t stay attentive and keep the group engaged. Before you know it, it’s Wednesday night and the group has barely started talking. The plan was supposed to be on Friday but now there’s not much time left to plan.
  2. 🕒 Deciding on when. The clock is ticking and it’s time to decide exactly when to meet. Will everyone make it for Friday or are we planning for next week? This stage is particularly frustrating because everyone has crazy schedules and can be really slow to respond. Just when it feels like it’s decided, Friday just doesn’t work. 👩🏾 tries to re-plan for Saturday but that doesn’t work for 👱🏾‍♀️. Before you know it, the weekend has come and the crew doesn’t know what to do.
  3. 📍 Deciding on where. In the beginning, 👩🏾 had suggested an idea but that’s gotten lost somewhere in the thread. 💬Now, you’re debating the merits of Sushi over cajun. Unfortunately, 🧔🏼 can’t do both food AND drinks, so 👩🏾 is considering a lower-cost option for you to try instead. By now, it’s Wednesday again but at least you have a restaurant decided… when quiet 👨🏽‍🦰 decides to speak up. It turns out all the tables are booked so you’ll need to vote again. 🤷🏾‍♀️
  4. 💬 Sharing the plan details. Luckily, 👩🏾 had a couple of back-up locations in mind and now the group is fully aligned. Things are actually pretty good. It’s Thursday evening, the table is booked, and the crew is ready for the fun. 👩🏾 wants to put the details in one place and considers making a calendar invite but decides to use Facebook instead. Unfortunately, turns out 👨🏽‍🦰 didn’t have a Facebook account and missed the event in the end. (Poor 👨🏽‍🦰!)

These scenarios happen all the time when groups try to plan. Group planning is confusing. It’s easier to procrastinate or to get lost. You really need a super planner friend who’s focused on the group’s success.

Wise is that planner friend who keeps everyone on track. Our web app helps the group plan in three simple steps. 🎉


To create your first plan, head over to app.gogetwise.com! The features work like this:

  • 📝 Create a group plan. Put all the details for your group in one place with an easy-to-access web link. Participants don’t even need an account!
  • 🕒 Propose a date & time. Anyone with the plan link can vote on the date and time or propose alternative times that might work better.
  • 📍 Propose a location. Anyone with the plan link can also vote on locations, like a favorite brunch spot, a friend’s house, or somewhere in between.
  • 👩🏾‍💻 BONUS: Attach a virtual meeting link. If you’d prefer to have a virtual experience, Wise can help with that too. Attach your meeting link for easy access.