Plan a great Valentine's Day 2021

February 10, 2021 Kevin Solorio

15 Valentine’s Day ideas to celebrate this February

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.

It can be stressful to plan a special day for somebody you care about. Don’t stress this year about finding fun Valentine’s Day ideas. Whether you’re planning a cute date for a friend or a romantic Valentine’s Day for your special someone, never fear when Wise is near!

Wise is your super-powered planner friend to plan the perfect Valentine’s Day

We’ve scoured the web and sourced a list of some of the best Valentine’s Day ideas for you to plan with whomever you care for. Plan a cute day for your dog, send a special card to your mom, buy a bouquet of flowers for your lover, or have a picnic with your group of friends. Check out our list of Valentine’s Day date ideas here.

Valentine’s Day is really about showing how much you love and appreciate the people in your life. Don’t get too caught up in who you show that love for - just let it shine! Send a text, make a phone call, or plan a road trip to visit somebody you care about. Here’s our list of 15 Valentine’s Day date ideas for the people in your life.

1. Order chocolate treats for your Valentine

The crowd-pleaser and go-to for planning a simple but effective Valentine’s Day is always chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate. Nowadays, you can order Valentine’s chocolate on Amazon.com, with 2-day shipping if you have Amazon Prime.


2. Cozy up by the fire with Magical Flames

If you already ordered chocolate, a cozy fire is always a good date night idea (especially if it’s cold out). To add a little extra jazz to the night, buy some magical flames in advance. Toss them in the fire and watch it change colors right before your eyes!


3. Plan to sip and paint for Valentine’s Day

Buy a bottle of wine and plan a night in with somebody you care about. You don’t have to be the artistic type to have fun with watercolors. You can order a watercolor paint set on Amazon for less than $20 and paint a memory that lasts a lifetime.

4. Make your lover breakfast in bed

Breakfast in bed is a Valentine’s Day classic. If you’re not a professional chef, even a simple breakfast can show that you care. Try cooking eggs, bacon, and some pancakes for your lover. It’s the thought that counts, after all.

5. Plan a Valentine’s Day hike in your city

Get outdoors and do something active. COVID-19 has us all feeling a bit isolated but you can properly social distance at a hiking trail nearest you. Do a simple Google search for hikes in your city, pack a bag of snacks, and go!

6. Listen to your favorite song(s) together

Music is a universal love language. It can take you back to the time you first met or remind you of some of the fondest moments you made together. Make a Spotify playlist with the songs that remind you of the good times and share it with somebody special.

7. Plan a game night inside

Plan a game night this Valentine’s Day, whether virtually or in-person. Card Against Humanity is always fun but you can also play simpler games, like Twister or cards. Even hide-and-go-seek can make your date night feel super special this year.

8. Try an online yoga class together

Plan to do an indoor exercise or yoga class with the free video content on ClassPass. There are 30-minute and shorter classes available online completely for free. Try out Vinyasa, Barre, abs, core, and more online - all for FREE!

9. Exchange love letters for Valentine’s Day

There’s something about writing down your feelings that make them so special. Write a special love letter for the people in your life. Send them by mail or hand them out. This old fashion Valentine’s Day ritual can breathe new life into your relationships.

10. Cook a delicious meal together

It can feel easier to order take-out or go out to eat for a special date night - and there’s nothing wrong with that! Try cooking something delicious together and make it fun. Try recipes you’ve never tried before and make to a real at-home Valentine’s Day meal.

11. Watch a movie marathon together

Spend this Valentine’s Day watching the movies that make you laugh, cry, or smile. You can plan to watch movies that you’ve seen before, like your favorite “chick-flick” or an epic adventure. If you’d prefer, try renting or buying something new online.

12. Plan an outdoor picnic for Valentine’s Day

Pack your bags and head to the nearest park for a delicious outdoor picnic. There’s something about setting out a blanket with a bottle of wine, small delicious bites, and delightful chocolate treats that warms the heart just a little more.

13. Check out a local museum

Depending on where you live, planning a day trip to a local museum could be a great way to do something new this Valentine’s Day. Make sure to do a Google search first and find a museum that is open. You’ll also want to check for any COVID-19 restrictions.

14. Plan a wine and cheese night

Order a charcuterie board from a local maker in your city. Marry that with a bottle of wine, champagne, or creative cocktail for a perfect wine and cheese day or night date - indoors or outdoors. Most people love to snack on cheese and, if not, wine should do the trick!

15. Book an at-home massage

Do a simple Google search and you’ll find plenty of massage services in your city. You can plan and book an at-home massage for somebody you care about in a safe and meaningful way. You’ll have to do some research first but it will definitely be worth it!

Wise is here to help you find ideas and make plans with the people in your life. We have curated content for a couple of cities if you’re looking for things to do, places to go, or restaurants to try. Our team is busy preparing more content to make planning a simple and seamless process - wherever you are!