Wisdom Journal

The Wisdom Journal is a lifestyle publication from the team at Wise Assistant, featuring a variety of articles on how to stay connected, be more productive, and live a more purposeful lifestyle.

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A Wise Way of Life

From sensational news headlines to addictive social media feeds, distractions are everywhere. They’re fighting for our attention, promising instant gratification, but giving us little in return. At Wise Assistant, we …

Productivity books to read in 2021

How can you be more productive this year? There are plenty of “hacks” online promising the best tips to be more productive. These are good ways to temporarily jumpstart productivity but nothing compares to a good book …

Things to Do during COVID

COVID-19 has been no joke! At Wise Assistant, we’re very grateful for the medical professionals and frontline workers. We’re optimistic about returning to a state of normalcy in 2021, as COVID-19 vaccinations …