Willy Wonka and the Snap Factory 🍭

Adam and Cole. Two ATLiens bringing you their favorite eats and unforgettable experiences in Atlanta.

Candytopia is a nationally touring pop-up experience, which opened in Atlanta for a second time just last week. You’ll want to visit this candy-filled museum soon because it will be leaving us in July. After, you’ll head to Velvet Taco and drool over all the tasty photos you took.

Candytopia 3330 Piedmont Rd NE Space 17, Atlanta, GA 30305

If you always wanted to visit Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, Candytopia is about as close as it gets. This temporary pop-up experience is a photo-op extravaganza that doubles as a candy museum. It opened on June 11 and will be closing in July, so don’t miss your chance!


Image by Myrydd Wells

When you arrive at the gate, you’ll be informed of the rules: touch all the candy you want but don’t lick anything! There are actually candy samples in eight of the eight rooms but you’ll be asked not to stuff your bag with Twizzlers. We can’t guarantee we followed that rule.

There’s a dragon made of 125,000 pieces of Swedish fish, sour belts, and licorice. There’s a fox made of 13,000 pieces of candy corn, plus a jelly bean Beyoncé portrait and a marshmallow pit. Need we say more? Oh yeah, there are also flying pigs farting confetti.


Image by Marcus Ingram

The tickets are sold in 15-minute time slots opening at 10 AM and closing at 8:30 PM. You can grab your tickets now at this link. The tickets are $28 for adults and $20 for kids aged 4-12. It’s open every day but Tuesday and can take about an hour to go through all the rooms.

Carousel images by Marcus Ingram and Myrydd Wells

Velvet Taco 77 West Paces Ferry Rd NW Suite 35A, Atlanta, GA 30305

After all the sugar, you’ll devour tacos made from fresh ingredients. Velvet Taco is one of our favorites for its world-inspired variety. There’s a spicy tikka masala, Nashville hot cauliflower, and Korean pork tacos. If you want something sweet, you’ll love the red velvet cake for dessert.


Velvet Taco likes to say that they’re a temple for the liberated taco. If this is what liberation means, we’re hungry for the revolution! Taco-bout a great time. You’ll enjoy this unique taco concept for its delicious premium food and funky-fresh casual setting.


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