Virtual Reality Gaming Dinner 👾

Revery VR Bar. The nation's first virtual reality bar with awesome neon-lightning, live DJs, and a full cocktail bar.

It’s time to mix up your weekend routine! This week you’ll grab a bite to eat in Inman Park and then play games in virtual reality at the Revery VR Bar. If you’re feeling adventurous, the Atlanta Beltline connects the two so you can walk from dinner to VR on Monroe.

BeetleCat 299 North Highland Avenue Northeast, Atlanta, GA 30307

Start your evening at Beetlecat, a great seafood spot with everything from tacos to lobster. They have a cool bar downstairs that’s basically like a grandparents’ basement. It’s casual enough to go on a random Friday but delicious enough to make a great date.

The plates here are made for sharing. We always recommend the oysters to start. They’re super fresh and offer a great selection. Once you’ve made it to entrees give the Lobster Roll a look; it’s basically an entire lobster on bread. Their mayo’s got a blend of herbs that perfectly compliment the oysters.

Parking: Inman Park street parking can be a bit stressful but there’s a parking garage just steps away from Beetlecat. It’s about $6.50 an hour to park there in the garage but can be worth it!


Photo by @beetlecatatl

BeetleCat is pretty popular. If you’ve already been, these are nearby alternatives to consider:

  • Soto Sotto - We recommend the Strozzapreti alla salsiccia ($22). It’s got bouncy noodles with a delicious red, meaty sauce. The Gnocchi is also bomb!
  • Bread & Butterfly - You need to get the Trout Special to try the best trout in town. We personally would walk 500 miles just for the trout, and we would walk 500 more.
Atlanta Beltline

You can walk from Inman Park to the Revery VR Bar in less than 30 minutes. The Beltline will get you straight there or you can enjoy some stops along the way. Some of our favorites to make after a big dinner are TWO Urban Licks or New Realm Brewery for a quick beer.

These can be great if you’d like to walk off your dinner or you can always hop in the car. Revery VR Bar is just around the corner!

Revery VR Bar 728 Monroe Dr NE Suite C, Atlanta, GA 30308

Reality disappointing you? Have no fear, VR is here! The neon-lit Revery VR Bar is the nation’s first bar+virtual reality experience. They’ve got a full cocktail bar and DJs after 10 PM. The VR gaming is done karaoke-style and the best time for gaming is from 6 PM to 10 PM but the party lasts until 2.

Revery doesn’t take reservations, so not a bad idea to call ahead and see what the traffic is like. You’ll check in with the hostess once you arrive but can drink at the bar until your room is ready. One person will play at a time, while others watch the player on the TV. They have an assortment of first-person shooters, sports, puzzles, and adventure games, like Google Earth’s street view.

The semi-private rooms fit up to 5 guests and start at $20 for 30 minutes or $40 for the hour. If you need a larger room, they can hold up to 12 people at $30 for 30 minutes or $60 for 60 minutes. Rentals are currently capped at 2 hours on busy weekends.


Image by @revery_vr

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