Secret Urban Waterfall Hike 🥾

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The Lullwater Preserve is tucked away near Emory University but there’s a secret way to access it without getting in trouble. You’ll trek waterfalls, cross a suspension bridge, and explore ancient ruins before stopping at the Dragon Bowl for superfood.

Hahn Woods Parking Lot 866 Houston Mill Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30329

Set your GPS to the Hahn Woods Parking Lot off of Houston Mill Road. You can click here for Google Maps directions or type in “866 Houston Mill Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30329” into your favorite navigation app.

Parking is free and this is a low-traffic area. The trail is a bit narrow, so this hike is best for smaller groups. It can be a bit muddy after rain so pack the appropriate footwear. Most importantly, always remember to leave no trace!

From the parking lot, walk towards the Hahn Woods sign. To the right, you’ll see some wooden stairs that take you to the creek’s edge. Follow the trail under the road and on the other side you’ll come across the first waterfall and an old bridge covered in vines.

Read more about the hike on AllTrails:

Lullwater Preserve Hike 866 Houston Mill Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30329

As you continue on the trail it will seem like you’re coming to a dead end as you’ll see fencing and construction. If you look to the left you’ll see a short rock path that takes you back toward the creek’s edge.

Follow the narrow trail for about half a mile where you’ll end up beneath the suspension bridge. To your right, there will be a path that will take you up to the suspension bridge. Walk across the bridge and make a right.

About 500 feet from the bridge you’ll come across a 4-way intersection. Make another right to get to the powerhouse and dam ruins. The powerhouse tower might be covered in graffiti but, with a closer look, you can see the rusting ruins of a powerful 1920s hydroelectric generator.

Once you’ve explored to your heart’s content, take a quick break sitting by the dam, and follow the same trail back to the Hahn Woods parking lot.


Photo by @byadrianapj

Dragon Bowl 1556 N Decatur Rd, Atlanta, GA 30307

Today, you’ll stop at Dragon Bowl near Emory University Plaza. Their specials are the sweet and sour bowl, chicken teriyaki or tofu but our absolute favorite is the superfood bowl.

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When you eat at Dragon Bowl, you’re supporting a local eatery that’s constantly giving back to the community. You’ll be asked for the name of your school when ordering online or through the app and 25% of your order will go to raising funds for local schools and organizations.

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Photo by @byadrianapj

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