Aviva by Kameel

January 27, 2021 Michael Diego

Aviva by Kameel is top-rated with healthy Lebanese and Mediterranean options for lunch and dinner. Award-winning chef, Kameel Srouji, along with his son, Nas Srouji, started Aviva around the principles of an active and healthful lifestyle.

We planned exclusive interviews with Atlanta local foodies, Hunter Owners and Mathew Diego, plus the team at Aviva, to take you behind the scenes about what makes Aviva so darn special. Keep reading to find out!

Finding the best restaurant in Atlanta.

Owens discovered Aviva when she worked in Peachtree Center back in 2016. “There was a line of customers at Aviva that always wrapped around the door. It was like nothing I’ve ever seen. Every single day. Not just on special occasions.”

Owens and Diego have been loyal visitors to Aviva ever since. They dine in at Aviva or order the best delivery food at least once a week. “We can’t get enough. After we found Aviva, we were hooked. Plain and simple,” Diego added.


Atlanta’s best restaurant for customer service.

What restaurant has the best customer service in Atlanta? Turns out Aviva is the answer.

“Their customer service keeps us coming back.” Owens says, “It’s a family-run, local business, in all the best ways.” Diego added “They always greet us at the door like we’re family. Aviva cares about its people and it’s obvious. We laugh about it but it’s true. Kameel is like your friendly uncle who cooks the best food.”

Healthy, authentic, and fresh, from award-winning chef, Kameel Srouji.

“You can taste how healthy the food is. It’s always fresh and super filling. Plus, because it’s healthy, you don’t feel so bad for eating it for lunch and dinner.” Diego said when we started talking about Aviva’s award-winning menu.

Owens and Diego raved about the chicken shawarma platter, falafel, cabbage, tahini, garlic sauce, and more (but you get the point)!

“Kameel is really talented. He did a dinner special series over the summer and really showed off his range. When you see headlines like ‘award-winning’, you might roll your eyes but, after you taste the food, you realize how great a chef Kameel actually is.”

Owens shared this photo she took from the dinner special series.


Affordable food and creative, new food choices.

“Aviva is an affordable restaurant. Most plates are only $10 to $12 and we never spend more than we want.” Owens says. “They also add new menu items regularly but the staples that we love are always there.”

Owens and Diego also alluded to a love for the free samples that are offered to people waiting in line. Another way Aviva shows they care about their customers.

Aviva even has great delivery food options that you can order online through ChowNow. “We started ordering delivery food from Aviva when the pandemic started and it was always the same quality, great, fresh food,” Owens commented and shared this photo.


Website: http://www.avivabykameel.com/

Address: 225 Peachtree St, Atlanta, GA 30303

Phone: (404) 698-3600

Cost: $-$$

Order delivery from Aviva with ChowNow.

We’ve scheduled an interview with the award-winning chef, Kameel Srouji, to understand more about his inspiration for Aviva.

We have more Wise insights about Aviva by Kameel coming soon!