Outdoor Activities near Atlanta

December 20, 2020 Michael Diego

Wise Assistant plans a day full of outdoor adventures near Atlanta!

To celebrate the great weather of Atlanta, we’ve partnered with Atlanta-based curators to compile this list of outdoor activities to do in or around the city. Most can be enjoyed any time of the year, as long as the sun is out.

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1. Bike around Piedmont Park

Address: 401 Park Dr NE, Atlanta, GA 30306

Piedmont Park is a premier green space with postcard views of the Midtown Atlanta skyline. The picturesque park has paths for walking, jogging, and biking, perfect for outdoor exercise in Atlanta. If you need a bike, you can rent one nearby at the many self-serve bike rental stations lining the edges of the park.

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2. Take a free fitness class on the Atlanta Beltline

There are plenty of free fitness programs hosted on the Atlanta Beltline for any level. They are fun and easy to join, so there’s no reason not to come and get a healthy dose of fitness! Activities include biking, toning, boot camp, nutrition classes, and more. Check out the class schedule below.

Currently, the classes are only available online but we encourage you to keep an eye on these free classes for when they return to the Beltline.

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3. Hike the East or West Palisades Trail

There are two great trails running down the Chattahoochee River, the East Palisades Trail and the West Palisades Trail. The East Palisades Trail is 3.3-miles along the river and is accessible year-round, even for dog owners. The West Side Trail is a 4-mile loop and is one of the most scenic in-town hikes.

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4. Hike the Stone Mountain Summit Trail

1000 Robert E Lee Blvd, Stone Mountain, GA 30083

The standard summit trail of Stone Mountain is only one mile and has a great view of Atlanta from the top. This is the perfect day-trip for family or friends looking for outdoor activities and exercise near Atlanta. The final stretch of the hike is the steepest but overall this hike is accessible for most casual hikers. Don’t forget to pack water!

5. Check out the Cabbagetown Street Art

685 Wylie St SE, Atlanta, GA 30316

Take a self-guided tour and walk through Cabbagetown to experience the best of Atlanta’s street art scene. Most of the murals were created for Forward Warrior, an annual event in Cabbagetown with music, food, and live painting. You should also check out the murals in Inman Park and Krog Street Tunnel.

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6. Hike parts of the Appalachian Trail

The southern terminus of the Appalachian Trail intersects with Georgia, with access to over 78 miles of nature trails. There are many peaks above 4,000 feet elevation throughout the Appalachian Trail. You can easily turn the Appalachian Trail into a week or multi-week trip because there is just so much to see!

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7. Bike or hike along the Sweetwater Creek

Sweetwater Creek is only minutes away from downtown Atlanta. The Creek and surrounding trails run 45 miles across the state of Georgia and west Atlanta. The long wooded trail is perfect for long-distance cycling. Sweetwater Creek is also great for hiking and more casual activities. There are plenty of beautiful fields and forests to see.

8. Kayak in Georgia’s Heartland rivers

There are plenty of spectacular rivers just outside of Atlanta for the perfect day or weekend kayaking trip. Some of the best rivers include Ocmulgee, the Flint River, Altamaha River, or there’s always the Chattahoochee. There are plenty of Kayak rentals in the city or buy your own and kayak Georgia’s Heartland rivers all year long.

9. Hike on Benton Mackaye Trail

The Benton Mackaye Trail is a 300-mile hiking trail that features countless mountain stream crossings and breathtaking views of the western Appalachian. There’s a featured 50-mile subsection of the trail which can be steep at times but crosses the beautiful Chest Creek and Three Forks rivers. You won’t want to miss this if you’re an avid hiker!

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10. Bike the Pinhoti Trail

The Pinhoti Trail runs along the southern Appalachian Mountain and is considered a long-distance trail, at over 335 miles in length. This trail crosses both Alabama and Georgia. If you’re a fan of long-distance cycling, the Pinhoti Trail is a great trail, with a variety of terrain for both novices and experienced bikers.

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11. Walk the Waterworks Greenspace

7th Street and Northside Dr NW, Atlanta, GA 30318

The Waterworks Greenspace west of Midtown, Atlanta, is situated along the Waterworks Reservoir. This is the perfect place for a long hike on a hot day in Atlanta. The upper west side has become a hub for trending restaurants and retailers that you can reward yourself after walking or outdoor sports.

12. Hike the Cascade Springs Nature Preserve

The Cascade Springs Nature Preserve features beautiful views of a waterfall and historic spring houses. This is a 120-acre nature preserve with a trail, countless streams, and picnic tables. Pack a lunch and make this a day-trip. It’s a great exercise and you can get pictures of the gorgeous waterfall.

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13. Bring your dog to Fetch Park

In Old Fourth Ward, there’s a dog-friendly bar where you can let your furry friend run around while you enjoy a cold one. This is the perfect place to go after a day at the park or hiking a trail. It allows you to cool down, while your pet can socialize and get the last of their energy out before heading home for the day.

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