Buckhead Bars

June 1, 2021 Rose Mbori

Let Wise Assistant plan your night out in Buckhead.

Upgrade your night with Wise Assistant! We plan the entire evening - including a stellar restaurant suggestion and directions to the best bars and nightclubs in Buckhead. Buckhead is where the party people come for business and no time should be spent on planning.

Wise Assistant talks to the best influencers and curators in the city to prepare the best weekly plans. We text those plans to you, so you can get out and explore new sides of the city. Text ATL1 to 47537 to start getting plans texted to you each week.



1. Southern Beer Tours

Wise Assistant plans for you. Enjoy the best craft beer in Atlanta! Experience the craft beer industry at its finest! One thing that stands about Atlanta is the craft beer culture. To know more about the history of …


2. Sanctuary Night Club

Wise Assistant plans for you. Enjoy a night out at Sanctuary Night Club. The Sanctuary nightclub is a ritzy mixed-crowd Latin nightclub that hosts LGBTQ-specific nights occasionally. Sanctuary night club continues to be …


3. Lost Dog Tavern

Wise Assistant plans a wild night at Lost Dog Tavern! Enjoy an exciting Atlanta night at the Lost Dog Tavern. Originally established in 2012, The Lost Dog Tavern is among the hottest bars in Buckhead. This sports bar is …


4. Five Paces Inn

Wise Assistant plans for you. Check out the best dive bar in Atlanta. Five Paces Inn takes the meaning of dive bar to a whole new level. The decade-old bar with spacious outdoor seating has been serving up great drinks, …


5. The Regent Cocktail Club

Wise Assistant plans for you. Enjoy the retro-chic Regent Cocktail Club! On the 3rd floor of the American Cut Steakhouse, you’ll find one of the finest rooftop bars in all of Buckhead: The Regent Cocktail Club. As …


6. Stagecoach

Wise Assistant plans for you. Sing along at Stagecoach in Atlanta. Buckhead has plenty of great bars to go to with friends and family. Stagecoach is another great option that is worth a try. It has a lively atmosphere …


7. Monday Night Brewery

Wise Assistant plans for you. Indulge in great brews at Monday Night Brewery. Monday Night Brewing is the newest kid on the craft beer block. Believe it or not, the idea to start this brewery came from a Monday night …


8. SweetWater Brewery

Wise Assistant plans for you. Enjoy a craft beer at SweetWater Brewery. Atlantan’s take pride in Sweetwater beer, whose catalog of craft beer suits any occasion. There is nothing better than going directly to the …


9. Havana Club ATL

Wise Assistant plans for you. Dance the night away at Havana Club ATL. Someone once said ‘You don’t need to leave Atlanta to travel to Cuba’ because you’ve got Havana Club. This nightclub is …


10. Tounge & Groove

Wise Assistant plans for you. Party at Tounge & Groove nightclub. Tongue and Groove is one of the best nightclubs in Atlanta. You and your crew will find yourself dancing the night away with locals, celebs, tourists, …


11. Gold Room

Wise Assistant plans for you. Party the night away at the Gold Room. From sophisticated nightclubs to rooftop bars with scenic views, Atlanta is well-known for its nightlife. Atlanta’s lounges, clubs, and bars are …